Winter Snow

It has been a cold winter in Texas.  Nothing like the Great Lakes freezing over, but cold for us.  I should also say we have had our usual days where it gets to 65 degrees, but we had snow and ice in early December and then a cold snap every couple of weeks.  We are just now getting into spring mode.

When the December ice and snow arrived, I took advantage of the the rare event to walk the river and see what I could find for potential photographs.  Luckily there was still some lingering fall color.  Actually we normally get fall colors up until the week before Christmas, but the early December cold took them all down.

Walking along the Clear Fork, I was able to see and make a few winter images of the river and some of the nearby trees.

I also made my down to the falls on the Clear Fork.  These are a small falls and I just did a shot from the bank.  There is a better image in the river but with plain overcast sky, wading did not seem to get me anything that day.  So discretion was the better part of valor.  I was hoping to have both the snow and a great sunset, but in typical Texas fashion with snow, it began to melt pretty fast and the opportunity never happened.


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