Sunday, October 19, 2014

Going Monochrome

I am a color landscape photographer.  I see better in color and I prefer my images in color about 99% of the time.  However, on occasion I do find an image that works better in black and white.

That is not to say I do not try to work in black and white.  I still work in black and white film on occasion.  I have a profile set to work in monochrome in camera.  I even have Nik Silver Effects for conversions.

I still prefer my results in color.

This just happened to be one of those times I like the monochrome better.

The overcast sky made for some nice soft light conditions.  I was able to get nice exposures with blur to the water of the waterfall.  The summer greens of the scene were nice too but I thought I would be able to frame the image for a more basic composition where the color would not matter.

I worked several compositions there in the canyon.  Then back home I really worked the file for a good conversion.  

The result is the image at the top.

This just turned out to be one of those 1% times for me.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Dells

Hidden in a few locations across the Midwest are a variety of neat little areas to photograph.  First off, not many people photograph the Midwest so even going there you tend to have it to yourself.  Then if you know to look and explore the rivers you might be surprised by what you find.

Bluffs, waterfalls, hidden dells, and the like can be found across the upper Midwest.  Look in the right locations and you might really be impressed. 

Here are a few images from a little area of the Dells.  A short little canyon on a side creek that spills down falls, and past caves and the like.

I made short stop late one afternoon and spent a few minutes exploring the area.  I managed to climb up behind the waterfall for a quick shot to capture the little canyon and give a sense of being there.
I set up my tripod in the cave to be able to get a shot of the cave and the falls too.  

Finding little areas like this is something I really like to be able to do.  Get an evening here, a sunrise there and you can both really appreciate the area and get a few images to boot.

All of these were taken with my little NEX6 travel kit and either the 16-50PZ lens or the tiny Rokinon fisheye.  Using that with my tiny Sirui tripod I have a great little travel kit that takes almost no room (it is way smaller than my DSLR) and it gives me some great creative capability.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Outside Albuquerque, New Mexico

I was in Albuquerque, New Mexico for a few days early in the summer.  I was pretty busy but managed to get out for a sunrise and a sunset photo opportunities.  I love being in New Mexico for both the food and the photography.  The food there is great and the landscape is truly the land of enchantment.

Just south of the airport (or as they call it the Albuquerque Sunport) is an area known as Mesa del Sol.  I large tract of mostly undeveloped land with a view to the Manzano Mountains.  I drove out to watch sunset there and made a few images with my little NEX6 and small Sirui tripod.  This is an excellent travel photography kit.  It takes up little space but delivers great results.  I liked the view but decided to take advantage of the auto pano feature.  I hand held the several frames the camera then stitches into a long panorama for the top image here.  On the mostly clear sky day it really captures the wonderful light and the mountain range.

The next morning was fairly overcast and one there was no sunrise to speak of.  I was driving along the mesa west of the Rio Grande and the sky began to clear slightly in the west.  I liked the open feel to the view with the darker clouds before they broke up.  This was really a chance image and one that made me glad I always take a camera with me.

Finally a third image from my drive to the airport.  I went out to have breakfast at Mac's La Sierra on old Route 66 (awesome Huevos Rancheros) and stopped at the Rio Grande for a couple of quick images before catching my flight home.  

The Rio Grande runs right through Albuquerque and you might never guess from this third shot that I was actually in town and not on a more remote section of the river.

My only advice if you go is to eat well, watch the sunset, and be careful about missing those left turns.  :-)