Sunday, June 30, 2013

Edge of the Lake

The edge of Western Lake in the morning light.  I had one last vantage to photograph along the lake and that was where one of the streams fed into the lake itself.  There where the stream widens into the lake were lilly pads and tall grass that could make an interesting image if the light and the clouds were right.

I had some nice morning clouds and even though the sun was already up , I thought there was potential for some nice light.  I made my way around the lake to this spot and the light, clouds, and water all came together nicely into this image.

It was a good way to round out a few days along the Gulf Coast giving me another nice collection of images from a "non photography" trip.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Where the Lake Meets the Sea

Where the lake meets the sea.  I ventured out early one morning and found my way along the beach to where Western Lake meets the Gulf.  The lake cuts through the dunes and across the sand until it reaches the salty water of the Gulf.  The lake level , wave action, and tides all determine when the waters actually meet.  This morning the tide was low enough that the sand formed a barrier between the ocean and the lake.  Others days I have come here the lake was flowing into the warm Gulf waters.

It was cool and blue in the predawn darkness as I framed up this image.  It was dark enough that I did not notice the heron at first and he stayed still enough to be in the long exposures I was making.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Gulf Light

Early morning light on the Gulf.  

I found myself getting up early to watch the sunrise over the Gulf of Mexico.  I would try to be up and on the beach by 5:00am to be sure to be there for the best light.  I would have the entire beach to myself.  Quite a change to what we would a crush of people and umbrellas later in the day, I had the predawn light all to myself.

The morning had started clear but as it slowly got light clouds began to drift in off the Gulf.  I wanted to get a longer exposure to smooth out the waves and capture the soft colors of the morning.

I set up my tripod firmly in the sand and composed different images to capture the sand, waves, clouds, and soft morning light.  I was working with images in the 20-30 second range.  That was long enough to smooth out the water but the clouds were moving slow enough it only slightly blurred them.

I liked the effect.  I also liked the soft pastels of the sky and the wonderful green of the ocean found along the Florida panhandle.

Here are a couple of my favorites from the morning capturing

the morning light.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sony NEX 6 Review-Published Article

I have an article of a review I did on the Sony NEX 6 as a landscape photographers camera published at Naturescapes.

I had been looking at a new backup travel camera since getting a full frame DSLR.  After some research I purchased a Sony NEX 6 and have spent a few months with it in the field, on the road, biking, etc.  After putting the camera through it's paces and the type of photography I do I wrote up the review.  One thing about the review is it is written from the perspective of using this camera in the field as a landscape photographer.

See the article here:

Sony NEX6 Review

Here are a few images from the camera on a recent trip.  I had returned to the Gulf Coast in May and decided to just take the NEX6 as my camera.  It was another "non photography trip", meaning that I was was not there for photography but would go out for every sunrise to see what I might find and then maybe go out at sunset if it looked like it might be a good one.  Here are a couple from a revisit to the scenic Western Lake.  

I had the NEX6 with the kit 16-50 Powerzoom lens and a small Sirui 025X travel tripod.  I find the two make a great travel combo.   They are small and lightweight for ease of travel but allow me to get great results with a stable platform and very capable camera.

See the article for the full review and more images.