Sony NEX 6 Review-Published Article

I have an article of a review I did on the Sony NEX 6 as a landscape photographers camera published at Naturescapes.

I had been looking at a new backup travel camera since getting a full frame DSLR.  After some research I purchased a Sony NEX 6 and have spent a few months with it in the field, on the road, biking, etc.  After putting the camera through it's paces and the type of photography I do I wrote up the review.  One thing about the review is it is written from the perspective of using this camera in the field as a landscape photographer.

See the article here:

Sony NEX6 Review

Here are a few images from the camera on a recent trip.  I had returned to the Gulf Coast in May and decided to just take the NEX6 as my camera.  It was another "non photography trip", meaning that I was was not there for photography but would go out for every sunrise to see what I might find and then maybe go out at sunset if it looked like it might be a good one.  Here are a couple from a revisit to the scenic Western Lake.  

I had the NEX6 with the kit 16-50 Powerzoom lens and a small Sirui 025X travel tripod.  I find the two make a great travel combo.   They are small and lightweight for ease of travel but allow me to get great results with a stable platform and very capable camera.

See the article for the full review and more images.


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