Friday, October 21, 2011

Rialto Beach Twilight

 Rialto Beach is another one of the fantastic beaches along the Pacific coast of Olympic National Park.

Each beach has its own character here and Rialto is no different.  I was lucky enough to see different light on my three visits here.  I caught a nice sunset, an incredible sunrise, and heavy overcast and rain.  Each one was magical in a different way.  

Rialto has easier access than some of the other beaches but I had it to myself at sunrise and only a few others there at sunset.  It was much less crowded than First Beach just across the river in La Push and it is arguably a better beach too.

Rialto seems to have more driftwood on it than some of the others.  Or maybe a better way to say it is it has more driftwood in the surf than the others.  That driftwood became some of the best subjects I found, especially in sunset light.

See my top image for an example.

I also wanted to try more wave based images and caught a nice sunrise a few days after the nice sunset.  Getting the waves to cooperate is never an easy task but if you time it right with the right wave, you can get some great motion in the image. 

Finally the third image is from the rainy and overcast morning.  The moodiness that day was also exceptional and between rain squalls, I was able to snag a few nice images while in the surf.

Photographers note, with the rain, surf, sand, and salt water you need to be careful with your camera at any of these beaches.  A good rain cover is a must and a microfiber towel will allow you to wipe away drops from your lens between images as it will get wet.

Friday, October 14, 2011

In the Surf at Second Beach

 I just returned from a trip to the Pacific Northwest.  It is an area that is too long of a drive from Texas for a one week vacation and usually too expensive of a flight.  However, this year, there were cheaper flights to the northwest and I was able to take plan and do a trip to the rugged Pacific coast. 

The cost here is fantastic for photography and it certainly lived up to that for me.  I was drawn to the western side of Olympic National Park and based on reading and recommendations went to Second Beach, which is near the town of La Push.

I hiked out to the beach in the dark and arrived to heavy overcast and intermittent rain.  I am sure there are many folks who would have thrown in the towel in these conditions but I really liked them.  That could have something to do with the fact we have a lot of clear sky in Texas and it had not rained in weeks.  Cool, cloudy, and rainy was a refreshing change for me.

I spent the morning standing on the edge of the ocean right at and sometimes in the surf.  For the most part that worked but well but sometimes larger waves sent me scampering up the beach.

The low light meant long exposures and I was able to capture the ocean and waves in extended motion.

I loved the images that were appearing on the back of the camera.
The cool blue of the dawn just looked right for the conditions-see the top image for what I mean.

As I have been digging through the images from that day I have also been looking at some images that make some great black and white-see the second image.

A top notch location that was everything everyone said it was.

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