Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sunrise Light

After two mornings of walking the beach at sunrise, I decided to spend my third non photography morning by a nearby lake shore.  I knew the sun would rise over the lake and I hoped I might get something nice.

As I waited some low clouds started moving across the sky.  That gave me an idea for a potential image.  I did have a solid ND filter with me and I knew I could use it to make an long exposure to capture the motion in the clouds.

I started making images that were 30 seconds to over a minute.  One right after the other.  I liked the effect and in this one got the hint of the sunrise on top of the wonderful orange light in the clouds.

I was really starting to like this non photography thing.  Three days and now three nice images.  

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I liked the log in the surf so much I sent back the next morning.  The sky was all but clear with just a wisp of a few clouds.  Getting to the ocean in dark I tried some stars over the Gulf but they did not work.

Then as the night faded into twilight I decided to do another long exposure but this time I framed up the ocean square and went four about 4 minutes again.

This one came out like an abstract painting.

Sky, Surf, Sand.

Two days of non photography and I had two nice images to show for it.

Friday, May 17, 2013

In the Surf

I was in Florida on what was not a photography trip.  However, even on a "non photography trip" I decided to still take my camera and tripod.  Well at least my 50D, with just the 10-20mm lens and a travel tripod.  A fairly compact kit and one I knew I could get some great images with. 

Every morning I knew I could go out and catch the sunrise and then go on about my day.  It was a chance I could maybe get a good image but not a day where I would spend the day chasing them.

One evening I was walking along the beach and found a log in the surf.  Snapped a quick image and walked on.  I decided to go back the next morning and see if I could get an image.  I got out early and found the log.  There were clouds and there was some motion in them.

As the light rose I decided to go for a long exposure.  Anchored the tripod and started what amounted to about a 4 minute exposure.  That time turned the surf smooth and the clouds streaky.

I got an image that I really liked and made it back for breakfast.  Not too bad of a photograph for a non-photography trip.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Spring Waterfalls

Spring rains returned to Texas in February and March.  The trees were leafing out, flowers were popping up and the local waterfalls had good flow.

After a rainy Friday, I went out to Airfield Falls early on Saturday to see what the flow was like and caught these images.  This is the biggest waterfall in Fort Worth with something like a 10-12 ft total drop.  It is fed by a small stream that drains the surrounding hillside and needs rain to get a good flow going.  We had enough rain to make it a good flow over the falls.  

The stream was running a little muddy adding some character to the water.  I worked images with both a wider view of the falls and then a closer view of some of the better stretches of falling water.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Bluebonnets of Spring

A few more images of bluebonnets in the field this spring.  While I have always liked chasing bluebonnets, I always seem to have a hard time photographing them.  The fact they grow along the roadside is great for finding them but it also means there are usually fences, power lines and buildings to clutter the view.  That usually means getting low and down in them to take the clutter out.  

This year we found a couple of nice views without the distractions of the roadside and made those points sunrise destinations to get the best possible views.

This is one of them.  I like the hillside view here with the flowers and trees.  I also got lucky with just enough clouds to make the sky interesting 

Then a few paintbrush among the bluebonnet patch add a splash of red to the mix.  Here I had to get low and lose the background to make the image work.

Finally another mid morning view of the hay bale that turned out to be my favorite subject to add to my images.

Luck was with us this year and I feel I got some of my best spring images ever.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Texas Bluebonnets

The bluebonnet is the state flower of Texas and one of the annual seasonal wonders of living in the Lone Star State.  Starting in February in the Big Bend Country and going across the state in late March and April the bluebonnets are the peak of the wildflower season.  Sure we have other great wildflower displays but nothing says Texas like bluebonnets.

After some decent winter weather and spring rains 2013 has been a decent year with some nice blooms in north Texas.  I have made several drives down around Ennis and the various Bluebonnet Trails that they publicize.

There are many areas with nice flowers that I saw in my drives.  Perhaps the best thing about bluebonnets is they blanket the roadsides of Texas meaning you can see them practically right up to the edge of the road.  Just go for a drive on a nice weekend morning and enjoy the show.  Top off the day by visiting a great local eating place for some BBQ and you have the making of a great spring day.

I even found a couple of great vantage points for sunrise images and made it back to capture the fields of blue at dawn.

I ended up visiting my favorite view three times, each time coming away with a good image, but having the one at the top of the page be my favorite.

I managed to get several nice images of flowers this spring , often crawling around to find the best vantage point to frame a nice picture.

These are just a few.