Bluebonnets of Spring

A few more images of bluebonnets in the field this spring.  While I have always liked chasing bluebonnets, I always seem to have a hard time photographing them.  The fact they grow along the roadside is great for finding them but it also means there are usually fences, power lines and buildings to clutter the view.  That usually means getting low and down in them to take the clutter out.  

This year we found a couple of nice views without the distractions of the roadside and made those points sunrise destinations to get the best possible views.

This is one of them.  I like the hillside view here with the flowers and trees.  I also got lucky with just enough clouds to make the sky interesting 

Then a few paintbrush among the bluebonnet patch add a splash of red to the mix.  Here I had to get low and lose the background to make the image work.

Finally another mid morning view of the hay bale that turned out to be my favorite subject to add to my images.

Luck was with us this year and I feel I got some of my best spring images ever.


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