In the Surf

I was in Florida on what was not a photography trip.  However, even on a "non photography trip" I decided to still take my camera and tripod.  Well at least my 50D, with just the 10-20mm lens and a travel tripod.  A fairly compact kit and one I knew I could get some great images with. 

Every morning I knew I could go out and catch the sunrise and then go on about my day.  It was a chance I could maybe get a good image but not a day where I would spend the day chasing them.

One evening I was walking along the beach and found a log in the surf.  Snapped a quick image and walked on.  I decided to go back the next morning and see if I could get an image.  I got out early and found the log.  There were clouds and there was some motion in them.

As the light rose I decided to go for a long exposure.  Anchored the tripod and started what amounted to about a 4 minute exposure.  That time turned the surf smooth and the clouds streaky.

I got an image that I really liked and made it back for breakfast.  Not too bad of a photograph for a non-photography trip.


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