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Desert Glacier

High in the desert mountains of the Basin and Range country one find peaks reaching above 12,000 feet, mountainsides filled with aspen and glacial carved valleys.  Yes, what is a dry desert region today has glacial carved valleys.  If you look close you might find that a few actually still contain glaciers. Yes.  A glacier.  In Nevada. Not something you would expect.  A holdover relic from the last ice age that somehow still survives today. Before you go thinking it is a giant wall of ice, it is not.  You mainly see a large rocky mound, but it is not a rock slide.  It is not a talus or scree field either.  It is a glacier covered in rock. Technically they are Rock Glaciers.  The current warm climate we live in has melted the surface ice and covered the remaining ice with rock.  However it still moves and acts like a glacier with a rocky surface.   I explored one on a fine October morning.  The aspen leaves had fallen for the season and winter was fast approaching in the high country. 

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