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Autumn Colors of West Texas

Autumn is my favorite season.  Cooler temps, fall color and shorter days mean I am wanting to travel- especially to see the autumn colors.

Last fall I returned to west Texas and went looking for autumn colors in the Guadalupe Mountains.  Out there hidden in desert canyons are maples, relics from the last ice age.  It is an area that I enjoy not only the color but also the scenic mountains, canyons, and deserts. 

I planned my trip for what should be a good week for the colors.  I set up with the idea of going to the higher elevations of Dog Canyon for the first weekend followed by visits to the other side of the range and McKittrick Canyon later in the week.  I was hoping this could mean seeing what should be the more advanced colors of Dog Canyon and giving McKittrick an extra few days.

As always with fall just never know.  It is art, science and luck.  I had picked a traditionally good week.  I arrived in Dog Canyon to basically zero color change.  Everything was still gre…

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