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Zion Canyon Changing Seasons

I visited Zion in late March as the fourth stop on a week in the southwest.  After cold at the Grand Canyon, mild and windy at Page and then cold and snow at Bryce, we arrived in Zion to find the trees budding and green popping out.  We had arrived in spring.
Zion Canyon is somewhat of a dividing line between the higher country to the north and east and the lower desert to the southwest.  I was not sure what to expect for weather because of this.  It could be warm and it could snow.
One thing I always want to do in Zion is wade the Narrows.  I have done this hike several times and I call it one of the ten best in the entire NPS.  Zion also has the Angels Landing hike which is also one of the ten best, making it a very unique park.
Unfortunately, the river was running high and fast from spring snow melt and the Narrows was closed.That had been the same conditions I had found in May the prior year, so I was a little disappointed.  However, Zion has so many sights that I had no problem fin…

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