Sunday, November 27, 2011

Rain Forest Green in Black and White

 Even though the rain forest is so green it begs for color, I also played around with what it might look like in black and white.  After all, the monochrome green might work as a monochrome based in black and white.

So one of the things I decided to do was to put my little Panasonic LX3 point and shoot into black and white mode.  Well actually it is a RAW + B&W jpeg that way I can still have a full color RAW file to work with.  However what I see on the camera is the B+W jpeg and does that ever help to judge a scene if it works in mono.

And did it ever! 

The blacks, grays, and whites really made the tones and texture "pop".  I knew it would be worth working some of the images that way back home.

So having looked through images and pulling the best color images and now having been home for a few weeks I decided to relook at the images see what kind of black and white work I could do.

To keep with the idea that had sprung from using the little pocket camera, I only worked files from it.  I have written before about my "small format" camera and here again it impressed me.  (To see more Small Format work-including article links- from the Panasonic LX3 look for "Small Format" in the labels)

The three images you see here are all from it.  Some are simply a tweaking of the B+W jpeg file and others were worked in RAW and then processed into B+W via Photoshop or NIK Silver Effects Pro 2.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Lake Crescent

After spending a few days in Forks and along the coast we moved over to Lake Crescent and stayed at the lodge there.

A fantastic location and lodge.  In many ways it reminded me of Glacier National Park the way the mountains rise right out of the lake.

I was treated to several nice sunrises and sunsets during our stay.  This was one of those great sunsets.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rain Forest Green

 Green.  The rain forest is green.  Not just any green but its own special green.  It is not the green of grass or clover, or even that new green of spring.  The green of the rain forest is an amazing green that is exudes life.

That green of life is a feast for the senses.  It surrounds you.

The Hoh River valley leads deep into the heart of the forest.  The Hoh Rain Forest area was my destination on two different days to experience that green.

The rain, the green, the trees, the moss.  It was all around and all consuming the scene.

I worked slowly in the rain and the exposures were long but slowly I began to put that green into an image.

Here are a few of my attempts at that green.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

In the Surf

In the surf at Rialto Beach in Olympic National Park.

Another image from a great sunset at Rialto Beach.  With the high tide and big surf this day I was really enjoying photographing the beach.  I was moving along the beach photographing different views, changing the foregrounds, watching the surf pound the beach when I saw this log.  Log is really not an apt description, this is a tree and well over 100 feet long and 5 feet in diameter or bigger.

I really liked the keyhole in it, almost like a wooden arch.

I hopped up on the log and started to work the log and surf into an image.  Did I mention the surf was big that day?  Even on a 5 foot tall log waves were breaking right up against it.  Luckily both the camera and me stayed dry.  Still it was pretty exciting.

With the sunset, surf, wind, etc it was one of those days you really like being a photographer.

Here is a second image of me up on the log with the surf coming in to let you see what the set up looks like to make the above image.

This was one of those locations where you were not about to set the pack down and after choosing the lens (I went ultra wide with the 10-20mm) and filters (2 stop grad) I really only kept a microfiber towel in my jacket pocket to wipe away any spay from the glass.