Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Clear Fork in Spring

Spring has rolled along nicely here in north Texas this year with a nice display of wildflowers and some decent rains.  Every couple of days I have gone out to explore the Clear Fork of the Trinity River near where I live and have been treated to some great spring colors and even an occasional sunset.

After the long hot dry summer we has last year it has been enjoyable to have a mild spring with a great deal of flowers.

Here are a pair of views from along the river over the last few weeks.  The river has looked good even though the level has varied greatly this year from rain, water release out of Lake Benbrook, and then lowering the river for work along some of the sections.  If you look closely at the water you might just pick out some of that in these images.  The river goes from clear and calm to a bit more muddy and fast flowing.  As a photographer that can make it a challenge as sometimes it is high enough and fast enough I can forget wading.  The you just have to work from the banks (like in the second image).  However with the flows we have that is not a problem at all.

Combine the river with some nice clouds, a sunset or two, and the great wildflowers we have had and it is a nice way to make a good image.

Gotta love spring!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The West Fork in Spring

I have been making regular trips up to the West Fork this spring.  The change of season from winter to the green of spring is a great time for photography.  Being able to catch some of the higher flows in the river from the seasonal rains makes it a bonus.

I was very impressed with the hardwoods in the area last fall and even though I did not catch them at their peak I do plan to do that this fall.  After watching the bare branches of winter for the past few months I have been eagerly anticipating how the river might look with new spring growth on the trees.

The season has been a success in my mind after just a single trip.  Every extra one has been another bonus.

I made a couple of trips on cloudy days to catch some soft light  I also caught a morning of light fog which really enhanced the atmosphere of the spring greens.  The river has had some nice flow making the falls look good.  In fact after some torrential rain days the falls were overwhelmed with water.  I made a few images for records but too much water was just not very photogenic.

When the water and light were right it was a great urban destination where I made some images that sure look a lot farther from downtown than they are.

The roar of the falls, the gurgle of the river as it tumbles over rocks and roots.  It is a place that is a great destination and it is right in my hometown.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring Rains

Spring rains brought new life to some of the local waterfalls.  When a day of heavy rain started to taper off right before sunset, I grabbed the gear and headed out to Airfield Falls.  I knew the falls there are entirely dependent  on rain to really flow.  I did not expect what I found.

They were roaring!

In fact there was so much water it really did not look as much like a waterfall as a bump in the stream.

Still, I set up and made a few images in the fading light.

The next morning I went back and found them like this.  Hard to believe the difference.  That what 14 hours did.  They went from roar to normal.

Makes me glad I took the chance and went out in the rain.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Bluebonnets!  Just say the word and you think of Texas in the spring.  
I do not know if we have having a record year, but after the winter rains we had there seem to be bluebonnets all over the place this spring.  I am seeing them, out in the country, along roads here in Fort Worth, along the Trinity River, and along the bike trails when I ride.

The blues are everywhere right now!

To paraphrase an old commercial...everthings better with bluebonnets on it.  Here are just a few samples of some of the flowers I have been seeing around town.

Notice I even found some pale almost albino flowers mixed in with thousands of regular blues
I was able to get in close to this bee with my little Panasonic LX3.  I am probably just a few centimeters from from him.  That close macro capability is one of my favorite aspects of the tiny LX3.  It is a great camera that is easily pocketable or even wearable while biking allowing me to stop and get images like this.

Finally my take on the posing in bluebonnets image.  My best buddy and I were out for a walk and she could not help herself running around having fun.  Here she is bounding in blue.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring in Texas

Texas has an amazing spring.  It starts in February, that's right February, and runs into late May.  The redbuds and bradford pears pop around February 22-25 and spring follows.  This year was almost a week early thanks to the mild wet winter.  Now last year was a cold winter with record snow and spring ran a week or so late.

The rain this winter has helped us recover from long hot drought of last summer.  It has also brought us a green spring with an abundance of wildflowers.   

Bluebonnets are out in force right now and north Texas is very nice right now.

Here are a few images from a country drive I did a few days ago.  It was one of those windy spring days we get here in Texas.  I went with the wind and let the flowers blur.

 The new green of spring, the bright reds, yellows, and blues of the flowers.  It is a visual delight.

Spring also brings rain and thunderstorms.   Storms bring great clouds and I found some that did not disappoint.

The second image was in those early days of spring when only a few things had turned and winter still was trying to hold on.

Finally the third image has some of that marvelous spring green and some of the great spring clouds rolling past.