Spring in Texas

Texas has an amazing spring.  It starts in February, that's right February, and runs into late May.  The redbuds and bradford pears pop around February 22-25 and spring follows.  This year was almost a week early thanks to the mild wet winter.  Now last year was a cold winter with record snow and spring ran a week or so late.

The rain this winter has helped us recover from long hot drought of last summer.  It has also brought us a green spring with an abundance of wildflowers.   

Bluebonnets are out in force right now and north Texas is very nice right now.

Here are a few images from a country drive I did a few days ago.  It was one of those windy spring days we get here in Texas.  I went with the wind and let the flowers blur.

 The new green of spring, the bright reds, yellows, and blues of the flowers.  It is a visual delight.

Spring also brings rain and thunderstorms.   Storms bring great clouds and I found some that did not disappoint.

The second image was in those early days of spring when only a few things had turned and winter still was trying to hold on.

Finally the third image has some of that marvelous spring green and some of the great spring clouds rolling past.


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