Bluebonnets!  Just say the word and you think of Texas in the spring.  
I do not know if we have having a record year, but after the winter rains we had there seem to be bluebonnets all over the place this spring.  I am seeing them, out in the country, along roads here in Fort Worth, along the Trinity River, and along the bike trails when I ride.

The blues are everywhere right now!

To paraphrase an old commercial...everthings better with bluebonnets on it.  Here are just a few samples of some of the flowers I have been seeing around town.

Notice I even found some pale almost albino flowers mixed in with thousands of regular blues
I was able to get in close to this bee with my little Panasonic LX3.  I am probably just a few centimeters from from him.  That close macro capability is one of my favorite aspects of the tiny LX3.  It is a great camera that is easily pocketable or even wearable while biking allowing me to stop and get images like this.

Finally my take on the posing in bluebonnets image.  My best buddy and I were out for a walk and she could not help herself running around having fun.  Here she is bounding in blue.


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