The Clear Fork in Spring

Spring has rolled along nicely here in north Texas this year with a nice display of wildflowers and some decent rains.  Every couple of days I have gone out to explore the Clear Fork of the Trinity River near where I live and have been treated to some great spring colors and even an occasional sunset.

After the long hot dry summer we has last year it has been enjoyable to have a mild spring with a great deal of flowers.

Here are a pair of views from along the river over the last few weeks.  The river has looked good even though the level has varied greatly this year from rain, water release out of Lake Benbrook, and then lowering the river for work along some of the sections.  If you look closely at the water you might just pick out some of that in these images.  The river goes from clear and calm to a bit more muddy and fast flowing.  As a photographer that can make it a challenge as sometimes it is high enough and fast enough I can forget wading.  The you just have to work from the banks (like in the second image).  However with the flows we have that is not a problem at all.

Combine the river with some nice clouds, a sunset or two, and the great wildflowers we have had and it is a nice way to make a good image.

Gotta love spring!


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