The West Fork in Spring

I have been making regular trips up to the West Fork this spring.  The change of season from winter to the green of spring is a great time for photography.  Being able to catch some of the higher flows in the river from the seasonal rains makes it a bonus.

I was very impressed with the hardwoods in the area last fall and even though I did not catch them at their peak I do plan to do that this fall.  After watching the bare branches of winter for the past few months I have been eagerly anticipating how the river might look with new spring growth on the trees.

The season has been a success in my mind after just a single trip.  Every extra one has been another bonus.

I made a couple of trips on cloudy days to catch some soft light  I also caught a morning of light fog which really enhanced the atmosphere of the spring greens.  The river has had some nice flow making the falls look good.  In fact after some torrential rain days the falls were overwhelmed with water.  I made a few images for records but too much water was just not very photogenic.

When the water and light were right it was a great urban destination where I made some images that sure look a lot farther from downtown than they are.

The roar of the falls, the gurgle of the river as it tumbles over rocks and roots.  It is a place that is a great destination and it is right in my hometown.


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