Where the Great Plains Meets the Rockies

Wyoming is a fantastic state.  It is big, scenic, and almost empty.  The views here are big, as is the sky.  

It is a state where the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains.  Spend time here and you will be amazed by the prairies.  There are also mountain ranges across half the state.  Most people think Yellowstone and the Tetons but that is just one small corner of a very big state.  Other places just as scenic dot the state but are lost in the big empty quality of the state.

One of my favorite views is the edge of the plains one finds here.  You can find that view in other states but it is usually less empty than Wyoming.  Here the view can seem to go on forever.

I really like that sight, seeing the mountains rise right out of the grasslands of the plains. 

It is a perfect view to photograph.  

On my drive to the Snowy Range I was able to see and photograph that view.  West of Laramie is open prairies for some 30 miles until suddenly the Snowy Range abruptly rises out of the grass.

I took images from a distance and then as I got closer.  Each stop was different and each view changed.

The clouds were drifting by and made for a great sky to go with the view.

At the very edge I made one last stop and got the shot of the day of the mountains up close.

Then it was up into the heart of the range.


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