Texas Bluebonnets

The bluebonnet is the state flower of Texas and one of the annual seasonal wonders of living in the Lone Star State.  Starting in February in the Big Bend Country and going across the state in late March and April the bluebonnets are the peak of the wildflower season.  Sure we have other great wildflower displays but nothing says Texas like bluebonnets.

After some decent winter weather and spring rains 2013 has been a decent year with some nice blooms in north Texas.  I have made several drives down around Ennis and the various Bluebonnet Trails that they publicize.

There are many areas with nice flowers that I saw in my drives.  Perhaps the best thing about bluebonnets is they blanket the roadsides of Texas meaning you can see them practically right up to the edge of the road.  Just go for a drive on a nice weekend morning and enjoy the show.  Top off the day by visiting a great local eating place for some BBQ and you have the making of a great spring day.

I even found a couple of great vantage points for sunrise images and made it back to capture the fields of blue at dawn.

I ended up visiting my favorite view three times, each time coming away with a good image, but having the one at the top of the page be my favorite.

I managed to get several nice images of flowers this spring , often crawling around to find the best vantage point to frame a nice picture.

These are just a few.


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