The Dells

Hidden in a few locations across the Midwest are a variety of neat little areas to photograph.  First off, not many people photograph the Midwest so even going there you tend to have it to yourself.  Then if you know to look and explore the rivers you might be surprised by what you find.

Bluffs, waterfalls, hidden dells, and the like can be found across the upper Midwest.  Look in the right locations and you might really be impressed. 

Here are a few images from a little area of the Dells.  A short little canyon on a side creek that spills down falls, and past caves and the like.

I made short stop late one afternoon and spent a few minutes exploring the area.  I managed to climb up behind the waterfall for a quick shot to capture the little canyon and give a sense of being there.
I set up my tripod in the cave to be able to get a shot of the cave and the falls too.  

Finding little areas like this is something I really like to be able to do.  Get an evening here, a sunrise there and you can both really appreciate the area and get a few images to boot.

All of these were taken with my little NEX6 travel kit and either the 16-50PZ lens or the tiny Rokinon fisheye.  Using that with my tiny Sirui tripod I have a great little travel kit that takes almost no room (it is way smaller than my DSLR) and it gives me some great creative capability.


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