The Clear Fork at Sunset

I spent several sunsets walking the Clear Fork over the winter.  The river is only a few steps away from where I live and I think of it as my backyard.  It is a fantastic treasure here in Fort Worth. A place I do sunrise walks, bike rides, take my dog, and photograph.

In the winter months I had several days where it looked like there would be a nice sunset and the I had the chance to grab the camera and go.  While that sounds pretty easy, the early winter sunsets usually happen while I am still driving home from work, so it is the exception, rather than the rule for me to be able to grab the camera and go.

These were over the Christmas holidays when I had a few days off and was able to take advantage of the clouds and the river to make a few images.

Sometimes I just walk the rivers edge as in the top image.  However, I often grab my boots and wade into the river to work the rock ledges found along the limestone bed of the Clear Fork.

Standing in the water makes it seem a long ways away from the middle of the city.  I regularly see a variety of wildlife along the river that includes, coyotes, turkeys, beavers, nutria, and many waterfowl.

Add in the waterfall and you have a great destination that is right in my backyard.


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