When I tell people there are four waterfalls in Fort Worth, they rarely believe me.  They presume it is some small man made falls or the like.  After all, a waterfall on the south plains???  

Well there four that I know of and who knows, there might be more.  

A couple of them are small 4 foot drops, but the other two are 8-12 foot drops.  I try to visit them all on a regular basis.

As the fall colors faded into winter and it got cold with some rain/snow I made several trips out to the falls to see what I might find.

First up was the Big Falls on the West Fork.  I frequent this area year round but it is one of my favorite local spots for fall color.  There is usually a small flow over the falls unless we have had a lot of rain to get the lakes full and get the added flow from water release upstream.

If you search the archives of this blog you can see the flow when it really roars over the falls.

The other big fall is Airfield Falls.  This fall tucked on a side creek just off the West Fork has three drops which total about 10-12 feet.  It normally is just a trickle and requires local rain to get moving.  Then it really is nice for a short while.

Over Christmas week we had some nice rain and I went out to catch the falls.  The rain had stopped in mid afternoon and I went with the hope of a good sunset, only to have the sky go completely clear in the 15 minutes it took to drive there.  I stayed and photographed anyway to get these.

With some spring rains, these could be flowing again soon and when they do, I will be back with my camera.


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