Fall Colors on the Nolan River

In November as fall was passing through north Texas, I spent every free Saturday chasing the colors.  

This last year I had added a new area to places I can get to in an hour.  Having locations that are reasonably close like that mean I can be someplace for sunrise pretty easily.

The Nolan River has become one of those new areas.  It is a short river rising up in Johnson County just south of Fort Worth and running almost due south for maybe 50 miles where in joins the Brazos River.

I began frequenting the river last summer and found a few locations that I thought would be good in the fall.  In November I made it back down to the river and found that some of the spots were good and some were great.

We started off at sunrise by the bluff.  I really like this bluff, although after several times photographing it, have yet to make a good image of it.  It is kind of funny how things can work out like that.  I think it is certainly a neat area, but perhaps mornings are not best.  I think I will have to plan a sunset here sometime.

After spending time at the bluff, we drove up to another location along the river in the forest.  For only being about 6 miles away, it sure seems like a different river.  Here trees overhang the water and we caught them with some nice yellows.

It was already well into the morning and the sun was passing in and out of the clouds.  I tried to time images to take advantage of both and found it to be a very good stop.

Best of all is it was all fairly close to home.  There for sunrise, some good photography, and lunch at one of our favorite cafes.

Call it a winning morning!


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