The Great Falls of the Clear Fork, Then and Now

The Great Falls of the Clear Fork are a short walk from where I live. It is a nice 3-4' waterfall on the Clear Fork of the Trinity River.  I have photographed this waterfall for the last dozen years and seen many views of it .  It is a place I can visit at sunrise, see in flood stage, and have even seen all but frozen over in winter.  

It is one of my favorite locations in town.

It is also one that has seen changes over the last year as a bridge was recently completed right near the falls.  The new bridge was built with somewhat of an older style with the concrete work and lights.  I really like that as it gives the bridge character and it not just a concrete slab.  

They also added a pedestrian bridge along with it to provide more access to the excellent Trinity Trail System.  The pedestrian bridge sees as much traffic from runners, walkers, and bikes as the regular one does with cars.

Although I did some photography while the bridge was under construction, I have done more since it has been completed to capture the bridge and the falls.

Here are some images to capture the before and after look of the falls giving you the falls from days gone by and the bridge spanning the river and adding a whole new look to the place.

One this I have found is I used to like to photograph the river at dawn but for the bridge I now like after sunset when you can get the blue in the sky and the lights on the bridge lit.  It gives the bridge even more character.

For a last shot I have gone upstream to a rocky ledge on the other side of the falls.  This was another nice feature of the river I have always liked and now with the new bridge, the pedestrian and an older bridge beyond, it has a new look too.


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