Waterfall in Fall

A waterfall on the south plains.  Sounds almost silly, but I have found several waterfalls that exist on the flat south plains here in Fort Worth.

You can see some images of the river spanning Great Falls of the Clear Fork in several posts here on my blog.  Here is a new for for these pages.  You might call this Carswell Falls.  On a side creek of the West Fork of the Trinity a waterfall has roughly a 12 foot drop.  It is one that was unknown to the city as for years it was on Carswell Air Force Base.  With the base realignment around the turn of the century, the stretch of creek that the falls are on became public property.  There was a trailhead built nearby and the Trinity Trails were connected to it.

Still it is a relative unknown.  After hearing about it, my wife and I biked up the West Fork and found the side creek, which I believe might be named Farmers Branch Creek or Hawks Creek.  But rather than call it something that sounds like a city near Dallas let's go with Carswell Falls.

Since finding out about it, I have been waiting for some good rains to really make it dramatic.  Well with the drought this year I waited and waited.  Finally this last weekend saw it rain for some four days.  

Four days of a nice slow rain was just what we needed after the dry hot summer and it is also just the thing to get the falls flowing.

I drove out and found not only were the falls flowing but I was able to even capture some of the local fall colors with it.

Here you will find three views I captured over about an hour out in the rain.
Each one is a little bit different and hopefully each captures the beauty of this great little location, a hidden treasure of the south plains- a natural waterfall in Fort Worth.

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