Fall Colors on the West Fork

 Fall on the West Fork of the Trinity River.

The Trinity River starts where the Clear Fork and the West Fork meet at downtown Fort Worth.  I live along the Clear Fork and spend most of my photograph around town time along the banks of the Clear Fork.  It is a magnificent river that I have chronicled in this blog before.  

Having some great locations on the Clear Fork within a five minute walk of where I live means I have really overlooked the potential of the West Fork for a long time.  This year I started spending more time along the West Fork if for no other reason than to expand the local areas available to me to photograph.  Between looking at Google Maps and riding my bike along the Trinity Trails, I started to find some areas worth further exploration.  This past month I started to visit some of those areas as fall colors reached north Texas.

Wow, I have ever been missing some neat areas!  After just a couple of visits it only reaffirms the idea that you sure can find great locations anywhere-even where you live.  I wrote about that idea in an article over at NatureScapes Network and it still surprises me how true it really is.  You can see the article here Home Town Nature Photography Article

Here are just a couple of images of the fall color and the fog that I found in a park that is smack dab in the city of Fort Worth.  

I really only wish I had been able to get here sooner in the fall color season because many of the trees were already bare.  There was still some great color as the red oaks were really vivid but I think it would be more impressive if I had made it just one Saturday earlier.

I am already hoping for snow over our brief winter, looking forward to spring and even next fall when this will become a regular stop.

And if you think the fall colors here are nice wait until my next post and you can see the waterfall I found on the river......

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