Autumn on the Clear Fork of the Trinity

Autumn on the Clear Fork.  Fall finally gets to Fort Worth in November.  People tend not to think of north Texas as a fall color location but I find that if you get out and explore you can find some nice fall colors.

I spent several mornings in the middle of the month riding the Trinity Trails along the Clear Fork of the Trinity River and as I was seeing some nice fall color, decided to trade up my usual biking camera which is my little small format point and shoot for my DSLR and a regular tripod.

The Trinity Trails run for many miles through Cowtown but I decided to concentrate on my end of the river and to just photograph the Clear Fork.

So over a few days I was able to see the river in some nice autumn colors of yellow, orange and red. The bike added a mobility that just walking lacked and it also allowed me to reach some areas that are not as easily accessible from the road.

Here are a few images to get a feel for Fort Worth in the fall.
I really like the top image.  It is from a small hill that overlooks the river and the trail and you can see the bike bridge crossing the Clear Fork.  I have been waiting for fall just to take that shot after scoping it out earlier this summer.

You can also see some of the nicer reds of the red oaks in the second image.  We mostly get yellows here but the red oaks can really put on a nice display.

Another image of the river in its fall dressing.  Finally a view of the trees along the rivers edge with some yucca. 

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