Autumn Reds and Yellows

The highlight of the local fall color scene here in Fort Worth is our Japanese Garden.  It is a neat, well designed and very pleasing garden. 

The architecture is spot on with pagodas, a tea house and other Japanese inspired pieces.  All of that makes it more than interesting to me as a place to visit but the big draw are the Japanese Maples.  Especially when they turn red in the fall.

I look forward to the approach of Thanksgiving and start regular visits into the garden to see the colors.  In my last post I showed several images of my favorite viewpoint.

Here are a few of the other views I liked this past year.  See the vivid colors or the trees and the different angles in the gardens.  It is a place with some nice locations and a place to do many neat "small landscapes" like Eliot Porter did.

As the season progressed and the leaves of the native trees started falling the reds of the maples got more intense.  On a day in the rain, I spent several minutes photographing the leaves as they fell on a boardwalk.
On another heavy overcast day a heron was perched in a maple and I could not resist trying a shot.  Understand I am a rocks and trees photographer.  Wildlife, especially birds are not my thing but I think this one turned out ok. 

As I write this on the 19th I am still seeing some lingering colors here in Cowtown.  We are past peak but I may even get again this week hoping for one or two last images to the fall color season.

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