Fall Colors of Palo Pinto County

Made a drive on a day of off and on rain west of town out to Palo Pinto County.  I know of several areas with bluffs and trees out beyond the Brazos River that I was hoping would have some nice fall colors.

Many of the trees were past their prime but the were still some with a little vivid color in them.

It was one of those days you photographed in some steady rain, then it would stop, then it would mist, then it would do start again.

It was a great day for a good Gore-Tex rain jacket as well as a good rain cover too.  Luckily I have both.  After using plastic bags mostly and even a hat to cover my camera in the past I have been pretty happy with a Kata rain cover.  It has two sleeves for your hands and a clear back so you can work the controls.  I do a lot of live view focusing and it works well for that.  Keeps the camera dry and I only occasionally have to wipe down the rain on the front of the lens.

So out in the country in the rain catching one of the later waves of fall color. Now that is a great day!

Here are a few captures.  When I was in the field and when I looked at the images in the field I thought it was going to be a great picture day.  However, back at the computer I thought these were rather ho-hum.  Do not get me wrong.  It was a great day, I just do not think the images captured the greatness of it.

Not every day can be perfect with great clouds, magic light, and amazing images.  This was a pretty darn great day despite the rain (which I actually really liked) to be out photographing.  I just wish I was a better photographer who could bring back the magic of each day in the field.

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