Waterfalls of the Columbia River Gorge

As you enter the western half of the Columbia River Gorge, the area gets greener and you begin to see signs for waterfalls.  Most are very close to the road.  I saw the signs for one fall and took the exit.  It looped around to the south frontage road where there was a small parking area right up against the trees.  There a trail started that had a waterfall just .3 miles away.  I walked a few switchbacks as the trail traversed the steep hill and quickly dropped into a side stream.

The unmistakable sound of a waterfall soon followed and the sound of the interstate faded.

You walk a short way and suddenly you see the falls.  They were loud.  A mist hung in the air.  Even in the drier fall season it was a sight to see.

I made a few images, but found the spray was so much I could not get an image up close.  I had to back away and even then, I had to wipe the lens after every shot.

I drove farther down the road and saw a sign for more falls.  I again followed the side road and found another little fall, right on the roadside.  No hike required.

I made a couple more images there and was soon driving west.


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