Multnomah Falls

The most famous waterfall in the Columbia River Gorge is Multnomah Falls.  Traveling east to west down the gorge makes this one of the last falls to see.

I expected it to be busy and I was right.  There is a large parking area and a small visitor center with snack bar.  It is also literally right next to the railroad tracks.

You can see the falls from the parking lot and a very short 50 yard walk gets you to the famous view looking up to the bridge.

I along with a few dozen others were taking in the view.  I set up the camera to make a few images and noticed a gentleman with a 4x5 working the scene.  Makes me wish I was toting mine, but I sadly do not travel for business with that camera anymore.

The hardest part about getting this image is getting it without people on the bridge.  My plan was to take a few and then blend a few images where I could pick sections of the bridge without people.  However, I got lucky and had a window of just a few seconds where I was able to make the shot.

With that in the bag, I knew it was time to get back on the road and finish the drive into Portland.  Getting an early start, as usual, had paid off and allowed me the chance to see a few things along the way. It was not more than a few minutes here or there, but it sure was a great place to see.


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