A Sneak Peak

One of the places I drove past between the two waterfalls in my last post was a small parking area for Elowah Falls.  I had seen a few images and had read one had to walk up the creekbed to see the falls.  I started following the creekbed but found that soon the water was deep and you would have to cross a logjam.  

Neither of those would normally stop me but this trip they did.  I was traveling light and did not have boots with me.  I also did not have my Keen sandals either.  Either would have been great for the walk.

The next step would have been to go barefoot.  I gave that a passing thought but at the time I was nursing a broken toe and the thought of going barefoot in a rocky streambed was not too enticing.

I suppose I could have worn my hiking shoes in the water but having wet shoes for the rest of the trip did not sound that much fun either......

So discretion won out and I stopped, made this image to give myself a sneak peak and knew I would have to make the rest of this trek another day.


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