Autumn Colors of Fort Worth

I keep looking through the images I made last fall and finding more things I had not posted here in the blog.  For those of you who ever actually read this blog, you probably wonder if I get tired of taking images around town all fall and posting them in bluebonnet season. :-)

I know, my posting does seem to run at least a season behind.

Anyway, here are a few more images from fall.  These were photographed around Fort Worth in November.  I frequent several parks in the area chasing the best of the local color.  I find the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving to all be great for photography and try to make the most of them.

All of these locations are within about a ten minute drive and all are city parks.

I like having that color and that access to photograph it.  Although, as I keep saying, most local photographers do not recognize that we get good local color and just do not go look for it.  Then they act amazed I can find it.

There is an old saying-you make your own luck.  It really applies to finding fall color.

Here are some mornings I made that luck.  I photographed both our Japanese Garden where the namesake maples always seem to peak at Thanksgiving and the red oaks in a hilly local park.


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