In the Desert

I was driving from Las Vegas down to Bullhead City.  I left early hoping I might get a repeat of the sunrise I had seen a few days before.  However, as I headed down the hill into the desert it became clear that it was clear.  Very clear.  I had driven this stretch of road a few years before and knew it was a pretty empty drive.  I was hoping something would draw my attention for a photograph.  I made a few stops but nothing seemed to work.  Finally as it was light in the sky and the sun was getting close to rising, I noticed several Joshua Trees along the roadside.

I found a BLM road and stopped.  One of the nice things about Nevada is the abundance of publicly owned lands.  In Texas this would be private property and I would be photographing from the road.  Here I can actually get close to the tree.  

The earth shadow was still in the west and I framed up this Joshua Tree to fill the frame.  I had a shot.  It was not bad, just not the sunrise I was hoping for.

I packed back up and made the drive into town for breakfast by 7.


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