Fall Changes on the West Fork

One of my favorite local photographs is the view overlooking the West Fork.  There on a rocky hillside I have a view of the river as it runs through a forested section of trees that pick up some great color.

Looking southeast there is a bend in the river I can see that always intrigues me.  To photograph it means I usually put aside my more commonly used lens of 17-40 and use my 70-200 so I can bring that bend of the river to be more than a small distant object in the image.

It is probably not a great photograph and I am sure most people would not only not photograph it but also delete any images they made of it.

Yet for me this is a really neat image.  Or maybe a better way to say it is that it is a neat image for being made not only in Texas but in town,  I look at this view and thing of a place far from the city.  It certainly does not look like a location found inside the loop.  But it is.

I visit this location throughout the year and over the last couple of seasons I have photographed this view in fall color, winter snow, the first signs of spring and the hot and greens of summer.

Every time I come to this area I make a couple of more.

In fact, I probably have a huge collection of images of this scene.

I bet a lot of them even start to look alike.  Although they are are probably slightly different.  Those differences might be subtle or in the fall, they might be big.

Here are several images of the bend in the river from this last fall.  Spanning about five or six weeks as the trees changed to great fall color and the leaves slowly faded and fell as winter arrived in north Texas.

I am already looking forward to the arrival of spring which should be a matter of days or even hours of when this post goes live.


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