Early Fall Color on the Trinity River

As October rolled into November the fall colors really started turning here in north Texas.

After having been on the road much of September and October I was glad to be able to have a few weekends to photograph around Fort Worth.  I find the colors are are actually quite good but subtle at the same time.  We have certain trees that will put on a great color display, but you have to know where and when to look.  Our fall color here in north Texas is a long drawn out affair.  Unlike some places that have two weeks of fall color we have more like two months of fall color.  That long slow change fools people into missing it.

I photograph around the area but tend to concentrate on the Trinity River.  I really like the river and consider an untapped treasure for photography.  Most local photographers ignore it.  I look at it as that leaves it all for a lucky few like me.

I have several locations I frequent.  I also ride my bike along the outstanding Trinity Trails bike paths that follow the Clear Fork of the Trinity and the West Fork of the Trinity as they wind through town.

This fall colors seemed to start early.  I was seeing a few trees start turning in late September.

By early November there was nice color starting to happen and I was keen to photograph what I could while it was here.

Over several mornings I visited these locations to find these scenes as the colors started and fall arrived in north Texas.  I knew the colors would peak around Thanksgiving and I was looking forward to seeing what the next few weeks would bring.


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