Frost on the West Fork

On a frosty November morning I found myself back at the West Fork of the Trinity River here in Fort Worth.  The crisp morning air and fall colors were enhanced by a morning frost and I even found some fog or maybe steam rising from the water.

I started on the hill overlooking the river and set up a few images to photograph all of the elements.  The bright fall colors were in full swing and I liked the added effect of the frost.

After making a few images on the hill, I worked my way down to the river and found the view of the waterfall as the steam was rising off the warmer water into the cold air.

By this time the few clouds were getting some light and I hoped I would be able to capture the frost, color, water, and sky.

This is such a great time of the year here.  Most of the country has moved on to winter but we get some great weather and our best fall colors in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving.  I always hope to get out and make the most of the time and color.  I always feel lucky on days like this to be out on the river taking it all in.



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