Fall Colors Along the West Fork

As November bought autumn color to north Texas, I began to make more trips to the West Fork of the Trinity River.

There are several spots I know where the trees along the river turn will display fiery fall colors.  Being able to add that splash of fall color to an image of the river is something I look forward to all year.  

Summer is a long season in Texas.  It is also a very green season.  After those many months of summer green, the tints of yellow are a welcome sign of the fall.  Then when the trees turn gold, or red, or orange, it is truly a fantastic way to see the river.

The West Fork of the Trinity River cuts through the limestone that underlies Fort Worth and I try to find those sections where the river winds across a rock bed.

Put the fall colors with a rocky river bed and I think there is the potential for a good image.

I usually like to be down on the river and try to frame the water and trees with a sunrise.  However, when the days are cloudy or clear I will try to take a higher view where I can look down on the scene and leave out the sky.

This year in my walks along the West Fork I photographed as much from above as down along the river.  The colors were good in 2013 and I was able to capture the cottonwoods, and red oaks in full autumn glory along the Trinity.


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