Tumbling Water

Vermont has some great fall colors.  There are the Green Mountains.  It also has great views of farms, churches, and other Americana type subjects.  Another thing you can find in Vermont are some waterfalls.  Mountains and water can usually mean a waterfall.

On a foggy morning I decided to see what might be possible at one of the falls near Stowe.  I made the drive and found a small parking area at a trailhead.  It was just a five minute walk and I found this fall spilling over the rocks in a small gorge.

I made the standard, and about only, photograph of the falls from the side of the gorge.  I liked the fall color and I know that it really helps make the shot.  I am sure this is neat in summer but the splash of fall color adds something.

I hiked above the gorge and made a few images but nothing that really jumped out at me.  I then went down below the falls and rock hopped up the gorge to the base of the falls.  Here was a nice view looking up where you were close.  Again the fall colors add that something I just love about fall.

It was then I looked back downstream and found what I actually think is the best image of the morning.  It is this view looking downstream at the narrow gorge, rocks, fall color and hint of fog.

I have hear many photographer say you should always look behind you when you take an image as the view might be better.

This was one of those times.  Sure the waterfall is nice but there is a certain mystery and magic about the other view that I really like better.

So here is to those wonderful and magic places I hope to find more of them in the coming year!


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