Sunrise at Lake Mead

I was in the Las Vegas area for a few days.  I know most people think wow Las Vegas and all the things most people want to do.  I think Las Vegas, close to fill in the blank....Zion, Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Lake Mead.

For me I like to be able to get away from Vegas and see a sunrise or sunset and Lake Mead was the place.  

I had driven across the Hoover Dam once on my way home from Yosemite, but had never really stopped to explore.  Having a few days to do so, I looked up some possible places to photograph on Google Earth.

I was up pretty early one day and decided to drive out to see what the sunrise might bring.  On the way from Henderson to Boulder City, I noticed a few clouds.  I got to the lake and I could already see some hint of color.  The spot I picked out had shore access and there were a few small rocky outcrops and islands close by.

I set up the camera and started to make a few images.  As soon as I saw the orange light of the distant sunrise on the LCD, I knew this was going to be good.

I started at the lake shore but was never sure the location was the right one.  I moved left.  Then right.  Then back up the hill.  Then back to the shore.  The light kept getting better and I was firing off exposure after exposure.

The sky filled with color.

I kept photographing.  Never quite sure I was in the right spot, so I kept moving.  I must have walked a mile going back and forth, never quite finding the right spot.

I was still enjoying the light show and it was a great one that went on for a long time.  Finally the sun rose and I made a last few images.  Checked the time-only 6:45AM.

I made a few more shots, drove over to look at Hoover Dam and then drove up into Boulder City by 8 and to an appointment at 9.

Not a bad way to spend a morning!


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