Autumn Waters

You cannot visit Vermont in the fall without trying your hand at photographing the fall color along a stream. Now that seems easy enough, find water, find trees, take image.

However, it is not quite that easy.

You still need a decent section of stream.  Ideally with rocks and pools.  You need good color in the trees.  You also need the trees to overhang the stream to avoid a bright sky.  It also helps to do this on an overcast day if possible.

I visited several streams over the days I was in the Green Mountain State.  Often there was just something not right. Maybe the sun had dappled too much of the scene.  Maybe the stream lacked something.  However the usual scene had a big hole where the sky was there and far too bright.

However, after several walks and drives I managed to come across a few scenes where all the factors came together to give me one of those nice Vermont stream images.

Here are a couple of my favorites to share.


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