Hiking in the Vermont Woods

Clear sky seemed to be the norm for Vermont and after the fog burned off it was a bluebird day.

Took a hike in the area around Smugglers Notch.  This is a neat area north of Stowe with some good rugged trails.  The colors were blazing gold in the trees and with the weather being sunny and warm.  As we hiked I realized this was probably going to be the last of the nice warm sunny weather.  In a few weeks the leaves will fall and it will get cold.  Snow is going to happen with the next several days.

So as I walked and occasionally made images I looked at it as the end of the season for them as the woods basked in the glory of autumn and winter lurking just around the bend.

Here are a couple from the notch area forest.  Both are fisheye images.  You might think that the fisheye would not go with a clear sky day in the forest as that "breaks" all the rules about forest photography.

However I found the expansive view really captured the essence

 of being in the autumn woods.  I might add the capabilities of a RAW file to recover highlights and bring up the darkest of the shadows helps too.  Just a few sliders in the computer and a very decent image appears.  

So as the calendar slides from fall to winter, I have some images of the glory of fall in the Vermont woods.


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