River Road and the Big Hill

The road that runs west from Big Bend National Park is FM 170.  It is known as the "River Road".  It is one of the most scenic roads in the state as it winds west from Study Butte/BBNP toward Presidio.  It is not to be confused with the unpaved River Road in the park. This road is paved and a state route and it twists and turns along the Rio Grande. Much of the road lies in or along the edge of Big Bend Ranch State Park.  This is the national parks less visited neighbor and the largest state park in Texas.

As you head west of Lajitas the road will pass the old Contrabando movie set and then goes over the Big Hill.

The view of the Big Hill and the view from it are two of my favorites in the Big Bend country.

Trust me, you will not wonder which is the Big Hill.  Now if you need a hint, at the base of it you will find the famous and often photographed Tepee rest area.  The Big Hill is in and up the canyon behind it. 

At the summit you can park and take in the view east and west along the river.  The movie buff can find the DOM rock here.  The rock was seen in and a destination in Fandango, which is a great road trip through west Texas.  The really adventerous can climb to the summit of the small peak here (do be careful) and peer into the narrow canyon below.  

It is a great place to watch a sunset.


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