Western Wall of the Chisos

The Western Wall of the Chisos Mountains is a pretty impressive sight.  Fault-Blocking has dropped the western side of the park twice.  Creating almost a stair step down to the desert floor.  The first drop is from the Chisos to Burro Mesa.  Then there is a second drop on the west side of Burro Mesa into the desert floor.  The Sierra Ponce wall would be a step back up.

All the geology in action makes this an awesome park.

I was out on the western side of the park and decided to stay for the sunset lighting up the Chisos.

Big Bend did not disappoint.

In the afternoon the features of the Chisos such as the Window and Casa Grande get nice light.  The setting sun then turns the entire western side of the Chisos to a red-orange wall of fire.  With the volcanic origin of this side of the park, it only seems appropriate.

I stayed and watched the chow taking in the light as it went from daylight, to intense orange, and faded to twilight.

Here are a couple of images from the afternoon.


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