Closed Canyon

As I do every trip to Big Bend, I made the drive to Closed Canyon out in Big Bend Ranch State Park.

Follow the River Road past the Big Hill and it is the next site to stop and explore.  

As I have written about several times on this blog, it is a fantastic little canyon that reminds me Utah.  15 ft wide and a couple of hundred feet deep.  It is almost, but not quite, a slot canyon.  

Unlike most of my photography days, this is a mid-day shot.  It is usually 930 or so before I start into the canyon as you need the light to bounce down the canyon walls for interesting color.

Every trip into the canyon is different as floods change the nature of it.  Water holes dry up.  Dry falls can fill in and rain can scour out new obstacles to scramble around.

So every trip means some different
sights and things to work around.

Here are a couple of images to see what it looked like this year.  Find the links on the right to compare to prior years.


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