Sunrise 2010

Hard to believe it is 2010. I was thinking of my 2009 in photography and projecting through 2010.

Looking back on the year past, it started on a cold January morning in Trinity Park, had alot of of local days and then some travel. Big Bend, Wisconsin and the Mississippi, Zion and Grand Canyon, the Lost Mesa in New Mexico, Wyoming and Colorado, Guadalupe Mountains, and the Wichita Mountains were all visited. If I could do it again, I'd have gone more places.

I just cannot get enough days in the field.

Looking into the new year, I am planning on and already looking forward to Monument Valley and the Grand Canyon in February! Yep, going in the winter. Beyond that it is all just thoughts. Big Bend, maybe in the fall. The Lost Mesa, maybe in the late summer. The Guads for fall color.

Who knows where it will all be.

But I am ready to take the camera and go.

And finally, here is the image from this New Years Day. It was raining with great cloud cover on the 31st. It was clear and cold on the 1st. No great sunrise but I did find the early colors of the day behind these branches. Waiting the first sunrise of the new year.


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