The Great Wall of the Guadalupes

The Western edge of the Guadalupe Mountains is a sheer cliff over 1000' tall.

It is a dramatic end to the range. The cliff curves around Guadalupe Peak, the highest point in Texas, and when seen from above resembles the prow of a ship. The prow is called El Capitan and it visible for many miles across the deserts of west Texas.

That cliff continues up the west side of the Guads and is a true sight to behold
And photograph.

After a day that started as snow, and then one where I went into the canyons and saw fall color would end with me going little south and west of the park where there is a great view of the mountains across a boulder field. You can get great views from the roadside and so I went out to watch the sunset on the great wall.

As you can see the two images here both how spectacular the view is and the nice light we got.

The boulders help frame it nicely for the wide view. It is one of those images that just says-west Texas.

The other close up was during some of the great light that passed the rock face in the late afternoon.

This is such a great location and one of my favorite ways to end the day.

What a view.


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