Overcast Winter Day

Ok, it is not really winter anymore in Texas. Signs of spring are all over the place. The trees will pop any day, maybe any hour.

Last weekend though was heavy overcast and often fast moving clouds. Those are always good days for a photograph so I had my camera with me.

I went with a theme that works well on the still bare trees, the bare branches against the sky. It is one we do not get much chance to normally do as it was only six weeks ago the trees lost their leaves and in a few more there will be new growth.

Groups of trees. Individual trees. I tried several images. I even went back and photographed some of the same trees I have been photographing in the fall and winter.

After I brought them into the computer I went to work with monochrome. There was little color to begin with and so I worked different possibilities of sepia, platinum, or straight black and white.

Here are two of the better ones. Note the colored effect trees on the bottom were the same ones I caught the full moon at late in the fall and posted a few weeks back.


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