The View at 10,000 Feet

I had an early departure on a flight a few weeks ago on a day that looked like a good sunrise in the making.  We took off from DFW and were quickly at altitude.  As soon as it was safe to use approved electronics, I had my camera out and was able to capture these few images of sunrise over north Texas.

The clouds were thick and the gap in the east was perfect for some very intense light across the sky.  I had my little Sony NEX-6 taking image after image.  Photography from airplanes is not hard but it is hard to get a good one.  The light, distance, wings and windows all seem to combine for tough things to pull good images out of.  Most of the time I take images I delete basically all of them.  

This particular morning was different.  The light was right.  We were still fairly close to the ground as we had not reached 30,000 ft yet.  It all came together for a few good images and it was not a bad way to spend a Wednesday morning.

Watching this sunrise reminds me why I always want the window seat.


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