Rio Grande Village

In Big Bend I normally spend most of my time on the western side of the park.  I just think it has more opportunities for photography.  Not that I dislike the rest of the park, I just like the west side better.

On this trip though, I decided to spend my last night in the park at Rio Grande Village (or RGV as I call it).  It is a more populated area, with a gas station, laundry, showers and plenty of sites for RVs.  It is also close to the Hot Springs and has a great little hill that overlooks the area that is a good photography spot at both sunrise and sunset.

Take in the view of RGV from the top and you see the narrow ribbon of life the river brings.  The shade of the cottonwoods, the surprising find of a beaver pond, and a view to the distant Chisos.

The area once supported floodplain farming but that is long gone.  Today some of the old irrigation ditches are still used to bring water into the RGV area which helps keep the trees alive and the area shady.

I was here just as the trees were starting to pop and green up in early February as spring comes early to the desert.


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