South Dakota and the Sioux Falls

I has the chance to have to fly into Sioux Falls, South Dakota on business a couple of weeks back and had a chance to get in a couple of images.  September is prime season on the farms with the corn and soy beans at their full grown size and hint of autumn color.

The view of the farms from the air was outstanding.  I love living on the Great Plains and seeing the rural landscape like this.  I think the river here is the Big Sioux River north of the city as it winds its way south toward the Missouri River.

One evening while there I had a chance to drive into the city and see the actual falls on the Big Sioux River for which Sioux Falls is named.  It is a very nice park and the falls themselves are neat and loud.  There are several drops and chutes.  I liked them now and would really like to see them at spring flood stage as I bet they really put on a show.


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