The Changes of Autumn

Autumn is passing through Texas right now.  A long slow process that takes several weeks and brings changes a bit at a time.  I have been getting out as much as I can to see it and photograph it whenever possible.

Much of that time is spent along the Clear Fork.  I think of the Clear Fork as my own backyard.  First, because it literally is in my backyard.  Second because I know of no one else who photographs it.  I know that when I take my camera out along the Clear Fork, there will be no other photographers there.  I have to say, I like it that way.

One of my favorite views along the river is in a wooded stretch.  A nice view of just a small piece of the river.  I have been by that spot every few days for several weeks now. Looking back over my images from there I can follow the progression of the colors from the yellowing greens through the first few cycles of leaves turning and falling.

I thought that change would make an interesting blog post and it is presented here.  

The first image if from October 21st.  The trees are green, but you just notice a hint of yellow that fall color is fast approaching.

We jump to November 4th and the fall color is here.  Cool days and nights have brought out the colors of the seasons.

Move forward a week to November 10th and the color really looks good, even though the first wave of change is falling.

Then we jump another week to November 17th and see the early color is gone and the second wave has gone golden yellow.

I'll probably be back by this spot a couple of more times before Christmas, which is the end of our color season, to see what happens next on the journey through autumn season.


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